The building science division provides valuable building envelope and structural engineering services relating to new and existing structures, for a wide variety of clients.  These services include assessments, investigations, field and laboratory testing, reporting, design, specifications, construction inspections and contract administration.  With ever changing materials, technologies and assemblies, our experienced and knowledgeable personnel help our clients deliver successful projects.

  • Building Condition Assessments/Reports

  • Roof Condition Assessments & Moisture Surveys

  • Building Envelope Investigations

  • Balcony & Parking Garage Assessments

  • Structural Analysis & Renovations Design

  • Reinforcing Steel Inspections

  • Load Testing - Roof Anchors, Guards, etc

  • Private Property Pavement Renewals

  • Building Envelope Thermography

  • Remedial Design and Specifications

  • Tendering & Contract Management

  • Inspections For New & Renewal Construction

  • Roofing & Waterproofing Inspections

  • Air Barrier, Insulation and Cladding Inspections

  • Glazing Inspections - Windows, Curtainwalls,

       Window Walls, Skylights, Glazed Roofs

  • Fire Stop & Fireprooofing Inspections

  • Floor Moisture Testing

Building Envelope Consultant
New Construction Inspections
Brick Masonry Reconstruction
Curtainwall Inspections
Building Envelope Thermography
Roof Thermography
Roof Leak Investigations
Roof Placement Inspections
Garage Rehab
Balcony Rehab
Reinforcing Steel Inpsections
Load Testing
Recladding Design and Inspections